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At Anderson Excavation, we are experts in providing groundwork related services, including excavation, grading and other services in Calgary. For any construction to begin at a site, groundwork is the first step in the process. It’s the process of preparing a ground from below for new construction, with excavation and levelling processes. No matter the size and complexity of your project, we bring our expertise of over 10 years to ensure on-site safety and project excellence. 

Our groundwork equipment, such as excavators, skid steers, loaders and dozers, is proven for efficient performance and enables us to deliver every job to our high standards. Our groundwork capabilities include but are not limited to grading, demolition, foundation excavation, site preparation/clearing, trenching, backfilling, levelling, weeping tile system, earthwork, landscaping and snow removal.


Grading of a construction site is the process of maintaining its slope and shape evenly after its thorough survey and investigation have been carried out.


Any pre-existing structure or building is demolished on a site before new construction can begin there. 

Foundation Excavation

Foundation excavation is a very critical step in the groundwork process. It involves clearing a site of rock and other hard materials using equipment and machinery so that construction work can be carried out safely.

Site Preparation/Clearing

The top-most layer of the ground is cleared and levelled for the construction to begin. This process ensures that the construction work begins on an even land.


Trenching is carried out to facilitate the construction of many utility services such as pipelines, cables, conduits etc., that are essential at any residential or commercial property.


Backfilling is the process of replacing the soil at the site, which is removed during the construction process. It is an extremely critical process for the solid foundation of a structure.


Levelling forms the basis of the surveying process of a site. It is used to determine the relative heights of different levels of construction at the site.

Weeping Tile System

The weeping tile system acts as a drainage system to drain out water accumulating at the foundation of a construction site. Its installation saves the foundation walls of a building structure from getting weakened over time.


Earthwork involves the intensive process of cutting and filing of the site-ground in order to reconfigure it so that the desired construction design of the site can be achieved.


Landscaping is the process in which the layout of the construction site is planned and designed so that construction work can begin accordingly.

Snow Removal

If you have snow lying outside your residential or commercial property, you can rely on us to remove it quickly. Get in touch with us now.

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